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Developing your writing

Whatever you want to express, in whatever format, I can help you refine it to focus your message and broaden your audience. 

I have more than 20 years of professional experience working with words for The New York Times, Reuters news agency and clients ranging from authors to start-up companies and investors. I also write about yoga, which I teach.



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Please get in touch to explore how your work can fulfil its potential. 

What I offer

My work covers three main fields. 


  • Writing and editing pitches, websites, media briefings and presentations.

  • Interviewing for profiles and case studies.

  • Conducting strategic investigative research.


  • Guidance on structuring non-fiction writing.

  • Editing books, essays, articles and theses.


  • Producing written materials (e.g. books and websites) for teachers of yoga.


"Get me Rewrite!"


As a journalist, I learned to write and edit to demanding deadlines. I see quickly and clearly what needs to be done to communicate better. I'm also observant and a sensitive listener, helping me perceive how to serve others' goals.


Behind the name

From Get Me Rewrite! by Richard Pérez-Peña (The New York Times, 18 December, 2015):

"There’s a long tradition in newspapers that involves someone at a desk, taking information from reporters in the field, and shaping it, at the home office, into an article. That’s what rewrite is, and that’s a big part of what I do.

"In the old days, rewrite was a crucial function, but then, when laptops entered the picture and made it possible to write from anywhere, rewrite waned. Now, with round-the-clock publishing and the competitive pressures of the Internet, rewrite is crucial again..."


The best editor I know. He can immediately see what I’m trying to say and helps me sharpen it.
— Author, scholar and teacher
Lucid and compelling.
— Reporter, author and broadcaster
Fantastic! I absolutely love it! Thanks so much.
— CEO AND FOUNDER of multiple Start-ups
I really appreciate the detailed feedback and insights.
— Writer and yoga teacher