My Experience


I've worked as a foreign correspondent for Reuters and the New York Times, written peer-reviewed scholarly articles and published a book.

My most recent writing explores the history and philosophy of yoga, which I've studied academically and through my own practice. 

I've also freelanced for a wide range of clients, from activist filmmakers to the Scottish investment fund Baillie Gifford.


As a Reuters bureau chief, a big part of my job was rewriting stories. I learned how to make changes while preserving the original writer's voice.

I've also worked as a TV producer and editor, which involved understanding the essentials of a narrative and conveying them accessibly.

I now help organisations to communicate clearly, sharpening their messages and strategies. I also work with authors to develop their writing.


I've built on my reporting experience with investigative projects for private clients, presenting well-sourced insights that challenge assumptions.

My assignments for investors have questioned their thinking about geopolitics and new technologies. I also write technical briefings for non-specialists.

I recently completed a Master's degree and published critical research on the teaching of mindfulness in schools. 


I've studied yoga in various forms since my first trip to India in the 1990s.

I have an M.A. in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (from SOAS in London), and teach yoga philosophy at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

I also write about yoga for magazines, while helping other teachers with written materials. I'm preparing a book based on my courses.

For more information, see my personal website or LinkedIn.