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Whatever needs writing, I can help. I draft and edit websites, bios, articles and books for teachers of yoga and meditation.  

I have an M.A. from SOAS in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation, and 20 years of practical experience. I teach courses on yoga philosophy for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, and am writing a book about yoga history. I'm an experienced editor, skilled at helping others express their ideas. 


Daniel Simpson is a joy, and is sure to use his discerning nature and razor-sharp clarity to make [work] accessible and interesting.
— Yoga teacher and author

The Backstory

From Carole Satyamurti's "Mahabarata: A Modern Retelling" (W.W. Norton, 2015)

Vyasa spoke: “Lord, I have composed a mighty poem. My work will open eyes dulled by ignorance as the sun scatters darkness, as the moon’s subtle beams illumine the lotus buds. All the wisdom of the world is in it. But who will write it down, so that people in the far future may read and learn from it?”

Lord Brahma praised the seer. “You have done well. Your poem will awaken all who hear it; and it should be written. You have my blessing.”

Then he cast his mind over a number of candidates, all worthy scribes, and said, “Ask Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, master of all things intellectual, god of beginnings. He it is who guards thresholds, the boundaries of time and space, who removes obstacles. Yes, ask Ganesha. He is best fitted for this gargantuan task.”


“I’ll do it,” said Ganesha, “but only if you speak your poem at my writing speed. I won’t put up with hesitations, false starts and other tedious practices, too common in those who dictate.”

“Agreed!” replied Vyasa, “but you in turn must undertake to write only those things you have fully understood.”

So, by inserting knotty passages, the seer would win himself some thinking time. Hardly pausing for breath, Vyasa spoke; Ganesha wrote with equal energy. When his pen failed, he broke off his tusk tip and scribbled on, and on…”


In conversation

Roots of Yoga

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