Refining your vision in words

Pitches, briefings, Websites, presentations

Upgraded Materials




I help companies tell stories to broaden their audience.

I've worked with start-ups, multinationals and investors, sharpening the focus of written materials such as:

  • Pitches
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • Media briefings
  • Case studies and profiles

I also conduct investigative research, producing reports with insightful findings on any topic.


writing and editing 

  • I articulate your vision as clearly as possible, in any written format. 
  • My input helps your words expand their reach. Based on media experience, I see how to communicate strategically.

Profiles and case studies

  • Drawing on interviews, I use personal anecdotes to animate stories. 

  • I explain how your business works and what distinguishes its team.

Investigative research

  • My work uncovers facts behind hype and assumptions, presenting conclusions that influence strategy.


Focused Impact


I've freelanced for private clients since 2004, drawing on my experience at Reuters and the New York Times and in investment research.


I love the way the business case flows through with quotes and metrics... This is 10 times better than what we had before.
— Hephzi Pemberton (Equality Group / Kiteka)

Editing Adds Value

From the Harvard Business Review (2014):

Overworked managers with little time might think that improving their writing is a tedious or even frivolous exercise. But knowing how to fashion an interesting and intelligent sentence is essential to communicating effectively, winning business, and setting yourself apart.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Is your point clear and well structured? Are the sentences straightforward and concise? MIT's Kara Blackburn suggests reading passages out loud. “That’s where those flaws reveal themselves: the gaps in your arguments, the clunky sentence, the section that’s two paragraphs too long,” she says. And don’t be afraid to ask a colleague or friend — or better yet, several — to edit your work. Welcome their feedback; don’t resent it. “Editing is an act of friendship,” says author Bryan Garner. “It is not an act of aggression.”